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Funding Long-Term Care in South Carolina, Including Medicaid
The fifth video of the series. A South Carolina specific video.
Price: 23.90   
Long-Term Care Video Series with out S.C. video
Four of the five videos. This item does NOT include the South Carolina specific video.
Price: 57.80   
Long-Term Care: Issues and Answers, The Booklet Only
This is the manual to all the videos of the LTC Video series and to each individual video of the series.
Price: 5.95   
Long-Term Care: Issues and Answers--Video Series
A series of Affordable Programs designed to help you deal with the most important issue facing families today.

One in four persons is likely to enter a nursing facility at costs ranging upwards of $3,000 per month!

This video set ...

  1. Helps you understand the basics of long-term care and payment options, including Medicaid.
  2. Provide effective information with which you will be able to understand your options and make decisions about planning for incapacity and funding long-term care.
  3. Empower you to begin the planning process while you still have options available.

Videos and manuals are also available separately. This purchase is for all five videos for $68.75. Price includes taxes and shipping.

The Included Titles are:

  • What Is Long-Term Care And How Do We Plan For It?
  • Planning For Incapacity: Managing Property, Person, and Health Care
  • Paying For Long-Term Care---Funding Options Including Medicaid
  • Nursing Homes and Residents: Admissions, Discharge, and Transfer Rights
  • Funding Long-Term Care In South Carolina Including Medicaid (a South Carolina specific video)
  • Price: 68.75   
    Nursing Home and Residents: Admission, Discharge & Transfer Rights
    The fourth video of our series. Explains a residents and a facilities rights as to admission, discharge and/or transferring.
    Price: 23.90   
    Paying for Long-Term Care? Funding Options Including Medicaid
    The third video of the series. An indepth review of paying for LTC.
    Price: 23.90   
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    Create your personal health plan now and make your wishes known ® using My Final Decisions

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    Planning Your Future with 20-20 Vision™

    Today, more than 36 million Americans are age 65 or over. There are more than 22 million family-member caregivers. Then there are the Baby Boomers. All are grappling with the major decisions that accompany the latter stages of life. This book is for them. Written by two experts with decades of experience between them, it is a comprehensive guide that instructs readers about how to create a plan to deal with all aspects of aging, helps maximize options and ensure wishes are carried out.

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    When dementia may not be dementia Diagnostic Momentum
    Create your personal health plan now and make your wishes known ® using My Final Decisions

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