Nextsteps FlyingSolo Our Store About Us Life Management Home ("Life Management") Privacy Policy,The Practical Information Resource About Aging and Relationship Issues, is designed to provide you with practical, usable information in two areas that concern the vast majority of Americans today: 1) aging and disabilities, and 2) relationship issues including separation, divorce, and cohabitation.

Aging and disability information is provided through NextSteps® ( which supplements the weekly newspaper column of the same name that is syndicated to newspapers throughout the United States by United Feature Syndicate which also syndicates Peanuts, Hardball with Chris Matthews, and many others.

Separation, divorce, and cohabitation information is provided through FlyingSolo® ( which supplements the weekly newspaper column of the same name that is distributed to newspapers throughout the United States by United Feature Syndicate.

We want you to gain practical knowledge from Life Management® and to be comfortable that that we respect your privacy.

Any information you may provide helps us make Life Management better for you and others who have may be facing similar issues. But rest assured, we have gone to great lengths to attempt to protect any personally identifiable information that you provide to us -- like your name, age, address, and email address. You should not receive any unauthorized email or postal mail from third parties as a result of providing information to Life Management as we do not sell or share our information with anyone. Please keep in mind, however, that if you voluntarily disclose personal information in any public area we may create in the future, your information can be collected and used by others.

Although you will be provided with important links that may help you find more information or professionals who can help you, you will not see advertisements or be bothered with pop-up ads on our site.

Here are the details of the information we gather from you and how we use it. We will update this page as our policies change or to answer repetitive questions that may arise.

Email Newsletters. Life Management will continue to offer I-CARE from NextSteps® in order to provide those of our subscribers interested in aging and long-term care issues with up-to-date information. I-CARE has been in operation for more than three years. In the future, we may offer email newsletters from FlyingSolo®. To sign up for I-CARE, go to the NextSteps® area of our Website and follow the instructions. We ask only for your email address.

Again, we do not provide or sell our newsletter subscriber lists to anyone. If you wish to update your email address or stop receiving our newsletter,contact us or follow the procedures at the bottom of each email we send you.

Membership. When you become a member of NextSteps® or FlyingSolo® to access secure premium informational services that will be made available, we ask for information about you and your interests or concerns so we can tailor the site to your interests.

Cookies. If you choose to purchase Life Management® products, we may use cookies to keep track of items that you place in your "shopping basket."

Surveys and User Research. We may conduct email and Web-delivered surveys from time to time, as well instant polls, to gather information about your thoughts about important current information. These surveys and polls will be optional. You have no obligation to respond to them. We do not share the individual data with everyone, but may publicly share the aggregate result of the poll or survey - such as number of responses and percentages that favor or oppose certain issues.

Service Providers and Governmental Authorities. Life Management uses a private server that is operated for us by a service provider. Because we contract with others to provide some Life Management Services, the service provider must have access to our data. However, we take care to require that our service provider only uses our data as necessary to provide the particular Service and have no rights to use the personal information of any of you for any other purpose. In addition, we will disclose members' personal information to government authorities if required by law.

Our Affiliates and Other Sites. When you use the Life Management sites, you may be given links to other sites operated by affiliates that we have carefully chosen as being able to provide you with information. But we do not control sites that are operated by others and cannot be responsible for the information practices there. These sites may set their own cookies, collect data or solicit personal information. So always be aware of where you are. It is always a good idea to check the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of any site before offering any of your personal information.

Security. Life Management will use diligent efforts to protect the security and integrity of the information you provide to us once it is received on our systems. Unfortunately, when you submit information about yourself to Life Management over the Internet, the information may travel over many systems that are not under our control. The Internet is not 100% secure and others may intercept the information that you are sending.

Changes to the Policy. Using Life Management, you agree to accept our Privacy Policy and are aware that our policy may change over time. This policy will always be available to you on this page. You will be notified by email or by a prominent notice on our site in advance of any change in our Privacy Policy. Continued use of the Life Management Websites or other Life Management services confirms that you agree to these changes. Still have Questions? If you have any other questions about the Life Management privacy policy, please contact us .  


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