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Geriatric Care Managers Are Important Ingredient of Long Term Care Planning $$$
Trusts and Medicaid $$$
Post Medicaid Eligibility Transfers $$$
Nursing Home Canít Transfer Resident Without Notice And a Reason; Bed Hold Policy Is Complicated $$$
Helping Parents With Financial Plan Is Necessary And Rewarding $$$
Prepaid Funeral Contracts and Medicaid $$$
Long-Term Care Insurance Purchase Requires Study and Careful Planning $$$
Read Life Care Contracts Carefully $$$
Source of Pay and Powers of Attorney Can Cause Unanticipated Problems. $$$
Understanding Alternatives of Nursing Homes Is Important. $$$
Congress Passed Law To Protect Spouse of Person In Nursing Home. $$$
Health Care System Treats Illnesses Differently. $$$
Choosing A Nursing Home Is Difficult: Part Two. $$$
Choosing A Nursing Home Is Difficult: Part One. $$$
Cost Shifting To Private Pay Patients Explained $$$
Paying For Nursing Home Spouse May Impoverish Community Spouse Without Good Planning $$$
Choosing A Nursing Home: Part Two $$$
Choosing A Nursing Home: Part One of Two $$$
Cost Shifting To Private Pay Patients Explained $$$
Transfers of Property Can Disqualify $$$
Medicaid Planning Without A Power of Attorney Is More Difficult and Expensive $$$
Primer About Medicare and Medicaid $$$
Giving Up Value Constitutes A Sale For Medicaid Purposes $$$
Hospitals Must Provide Written Discharge Plan $$$
Caregivers for Alzheimerís Patients Need Respite $$$

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Create your personal health plan now and make your wishes known ® using My Final Decisions
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