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The followingcapsule summary of the law in this state related to divorce maybe helpful to you. These brief statements are not meant tosubstitute for legal consultation, but rather to highlight themain issues to consider.

Divorce Law


Grounds: Adultery; cruelty orviolence; desertion; conviction of crime; sodomy; buggery.

Residency: One party resident anddomiciled 6 months before suit.

Waiting Period: Decree immediate ondetermination of issues.

No Fault: Separation (1 year).

Defenses: None listed.

Uniform Child Custody Act:1979
Joint Custody:Yes, 16.1-336, 20.107.2
Grandparent Visitation:Yes, 20-107.2
Child's Wishes Considered:Yes
Code Section:20-107.2

Community Property: No


Grounds: Mentally incapacitated;fraud; duress; impotency; either convicted of felony beforemarriage; in without otherÕs knowledge; wife pregnant by anotherman, husband fathered another child born within 10 months aftermarriage; either had been a prostitute; no annulment allowed forfraud, duress, mental capacity, felony, pregnancy, or fatheringif parties cohabited after knowledge.

Time Limitation: All actions must bebrought within 2 years of marriage.

Legitimacy of Children: None listed.

Prohibited Marriages: Previousmarriage undissolved; between ancestor and descendant, brotherand sister, uncle and niece, aunt and nephew; same sex; bigamous;parties under 18 and have not complied with consent provisions.

Code Section: 20-38.1; 20-43;20-45.1, 2; 20-48, 49; 20-89.1


How to Get a Divorce: A Practical Guidefor Residents of the District of Columbia, Maryland
and Virginia Who Are Contemplating Divorce
Washington Book Trading Co.
4517 N. Dittmar Rd.
Arlington, VA 22207
Sandra Kalenik. 1991. 3rd edition.

Office of Child Support EnforcementRegional Representative (Virginia)
3535 Market St., Rm. 5220
PO Box 8436
Philadelphia, PA 19101
Phone: (215)596-1320

Self-Help Clearinghouse of GreaterWashington (northern Virginia)
Mental Health Association of Northern Virginia
7630 Little River Tpke., Ste. 206
Annandale, VA 22003
Phone: (703)941-5465
Lisa Saisselin, Coordinator

Virginia Bar Association
701 E. Franklin St., Ste. 1515
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: (804)644-0041
Fax: (804)644-0052

Virginia Bureau of FinancialInstitutions
PO Box 640
Richmond, VA 23205-0640
Phone: (804)371-9705
Free: 800-552-7945
Sidney A. Bailey, Commnr.

Virginia Department of Health
Division of Vital Records
PO Box 1000
Richmond, VA 23208-1000
Phone: (804)786-6228
Responds to public inquiries for birth and death records dated1853 to 1896, and June 14, 1912 to present. (Between 1896 and1912, some records filed with health departments of the largercities). Also responds to inquiries for marriage records datedfrom 1853 and divorce records dated from 1918. Charges $5 forcertified copies. For all inquiries, enclose a stamped,self-addressed envelope.

Virginia Division of Support EnforcementProgram
Department of Social Services
8007 Discovery Dr.
Richmond, VA 23229-8699
Phone: (804)662-7671
Fax: (804)662-7319

Virginia State Bar
707 E. Main St., Ste. 1500
Richmond, VA 23219-2803
Phone: (804)775-0500
Fax: (804)775-0501
The Virginia Lawyer Referral Service is available toll-freestatewide, (800) 552-7977, or at (804) 648-4014 in the Richmondarea. Publications: Pamphlets include: A Lawyer Can Help; Divorceand Separation; How Do Lawyers Charge?; Parents Are Forever; SoYouÕre Getting Married; and Virginia Lawyer Referral Service.

Virginia State Corporation Commission
Bureau of Insurance
PO Box 1157
Richmond, VA 23209
Phone: (804)371-9741
Free: 800-552-7945
Steven T. Foster, Commnr.

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