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The followingcapsule summary of the law in this state related to divorce maybe helpful to you. These brief statements are not meant tosubstitute for legal consultation, but rather to highlight themain issues to consider.

Divorce Law


Grounds: Adultery; cruelty orviolence; desertion; drug/alcohol addiction; impotency; insanity;pregnant at time of marriage; conviction of crime; force or fraudin obtaining marriage; irreconcilable differences; intermarriagein line.

Residency: One party resident for 6months before action.

Waiting Period: Decree in effectimmediately.

No Fault: Irretrievable breakdown.

Defenses: None listed.

Code Section: 19.5-1, et seq.

Uniform Child Custody Act:1978
Joint Custody:Yes, 19-9-3
Grandparent Visitation:Yes, 19-7-3
Child's Wishes Considered:Yes
Code Section: 19-9-1

Community Property: No


Grounds: Unable to consummate;unwilling or fraudulently induced; no annulment granted wherechildren are born or are to be born of marriage.

Time Limitation: None listed.

Legitimacy of Children: Issue ofvoid marriage is legitimate.

Prohibited Marriages: Related byblood or marriage, father and daughter or stepdaughter, motherand son or stepson, brother and sister (whole- or half-blood),grandparent and grandchild, aunt and nephew, uncle and niece(penalty of prison 1-5 years).

Code Section: 19-3-3, 5; 19-4-1


American Arbitration Association
Atlanta Regional Office
1360 Peachtree St., NE, Ste. 270
Atlanta, GA 30361-3398
Phone: (404)872-3022
Fax: (404)881-1134
India Johnson, Reg. VP

Georgia Banking and Finance Department
2990 Brandywine Rd., Ste. 200
Atlanta, GA 30341-5565
Phone: (404)986-1633
Free: 800-932-6246
Edward D. Dunn, Commnr.

Georgia Department of Human Resources
Vital Records Service
47 Trinity Ave., SW, Rm. 217-H
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: (404)656-4900
Responds to public inquiries for birth and death records datingfrom 1919 (Atlanta-Fulton County has birth and death records from1896, and Savannah-Chatham County from 1890). Search fee of $10includes copy if found. Additional copies paid for at the sametime are $5 each. Charges $10 for filing a birth record bydelayed procedure or amending a record. For inquiries onmarriages, contact the probate judge of each county. Fees forcertified copies vary. Divorces are on file with the clerk of thecourt in the county in which the divorce was obtained. Feevaries. The Vital Records Unit has central registration ofmarriages and divorces since June, 1952, but does not issuecertified copies of divorce records. Charges $10 for copies ofmarriage certificates. For all inquiries, enclose a stamped,self-addressed envelope.

Georgia Insurance Commissioner's Office
Floyd Bldg, West Tower, 7th Fl.
No. 2 MLK Jr. Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: (404)656-2056
Tim Ryles, Commnr.

Georgia Office of Child Support Recovery
Department of Human Resources
PO Box 80000
878 Peachtree St., Rm. 529
Atlanta, GA 30357
Phone: (404)894-5087
Fax: (404)853-4194

Office of Child Support EnforcementRegional Representative (Georgia)
101 Marietta Tower, Ste. 821
Atlanta, GA 30323
Phone: (404)331-5733

State Bar of Georgia
800 The Hurt Bldg.
50 Hurt Plaza
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: (404)527-8700
Fax: (404)527-8717

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